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Ridley Scott Dispels Harrison Ford ‘Blade Runner’ Rumors; Hints at ‘Prometheus’ Sequel

Written by on February 8, 2012 

Maybe it can be traced back to plain old naïveté, but I was inclined to believe Alcon Entertainment when they definitively laid any “Harrison Ford is back to Blade Runnerrumors to rest. Now, Ridley Scott has come out to EW by, more or less, saying the exact same thing — and also managed to spill a little more on just what this thing is.

Well, he might not be the one to ask. Not because he’s secretive, either; Scott simply doesn’t know. He and various writers — Blade Runner co-scribe Hampton Fancher among them — are “still in discussions about whether it should be a prequel or sequel,” which, obviously, means that a script hasn’t been generated. (The prequel option, by the way, would almost definitively rule out Ford‘s involvement. That is, unless they take the worst possible direction that I shudder to even think about.) But, while he’s “not sure that [Deckard is] going to be a story point,” Scott was, for whatever this may be worth, quoted as saying that “nothing would please me more.”

You know what else might please the Englishman? A Prometheus sequel. Now, you might be perplexed as to how a (supposedly) direct prequel could get its own follow-up, but we at least know that he’s “also thinking about what the hell I might do for a Prometheus 2.” When asked if, hey, might there be a Prometheus 2, Scott just knocked a wood coffee table and grinned. I don’t know; I think I gave something that equates to a withering glance.

Do you see the possibility of Ford going back to Blade Runner, despite this recent flurry of comments? How could a Prometheus sequel even work?

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