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‘Raging Bull II’ Loses Title, Continues Miserable Existence

Written by on August 1, 2012 

It’s slightly unfortunate that Raging Bull II gets to go on and, at some point, play in front of our eyes, but MGM’s publicized lawsuit will have its consequences. Considering the main purpose behind that very legal action, this is, if not all that was hoped for, probably enough to alleviate some of their biggest concerns.

According to THR, the production’s title will no longer be associated with Martin Scorsese‘s classic, instead being forced to now go by the name of The Bronx Bull — subject Jake LaMotta‘s long-held nickname — as, on top of that, producers of the film will “issue a press release publicly disassociating the project from the MGM movie.”

The actual statement is pretty slim, but you can read it below:

“The parties have amicably reached a resolution of their pending litigation, pursuant to which production of a film based upon certain events in the life of Jake LaMotta will proceed under the working title The Bronx Bull. That film is not related in any way to the 1980 motion picture entitled Raging Bull, and MGM is not associated with the film in any respect. Neither party will have any further statements regarding this matter.”

The Bronx Bull will continue to go on, but at least no one will look at a poster and think “Scorsese has a new movie out!” Maybe that’s the most we could ask for.

William Forsythe, Joe Mantegna, Tom Sizemore, Penelope Ann Miller, Natasha Henstridge, Alicia Witt, Ray Wise, and Harry Hamlin star in Martin Guigui‘s film, which is still shooting.

Is this enough to quell any anger that may have surrounded Raging Bull II?

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