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Rachel McAdams Joins Phillip Seymour Hoffman In Anton Corbijn’s ‘Most Wanted Man’

Written by on May 20, 2012 

While Passion just wrapped things a few weeks back or so, Rachel McAdams isn’t quite done with suspense, intrigue, Germany, and films based on pre-existing materials. THR says she’ll next do a project that, though similar, is possibly even more exciting than the return of Brian De Palma — and, believe you me, that’s saying a thing or two.

The film at hand is Anton Corbijn‘s third feature, A Most Wanted Man, which also happens to be the next silver screen take on John le Carré. Phillip Seymour Hoffman signed for the leading role back in February; such a part will see him play “chief of a covert German spy unit” trying to crack the mystery behind Issa, a half-Chechen/half-Russian man who, under serious injuries, arrives in Hamburg’s Islamic sector dodging authorities and trying to recover his deceased, Russian father’s fortune. McAdams figures into the proceedings as “a woman who becomes involved in the international intrigue,” presumably “Annabel, an idealistic young German civil rights lawyer.”

No matter who it is, this is some international intrigue I want more of. A spy thriller enthusiast can’t have any instant reaction except general interest to these prospects, but when you combine Hoffman and le Carré — a man responsible for one of my very favorite 2011 entries, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy — I’m looking out with clear intent. And, not that this project needed a big boost, but McAdams is a welcome addition to the fun. Shooting on A Most Wanted Man begins in September; Potboiler Productions, Ink Factory, and Amusement Park Film will be producing.

Are you happy to see McAdams climb aboard the film? Is it on your radar?

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