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‘Prometheus 2’ Still Moving Along; Ridley Scott-Produced ‘Day Britain Stopped’ Nabs Scribe

Written by on February 26, 2013 

No matter what a studio would prefer, getting Ridley Scott locked for a project takes some real effort. While summer had brought a story regarding Fox’s hopes for a follow-up to Prometheus, there are other things currently lying at the director’s feet — a Blade Runner sequel and The Forever War being just two prominent examples. For someone in an advanced age, too, a pair of other movies is enough of a stopgap in making the third hit screens.

But those who want Prometheus 2 can rest a little easier: ThePlaylist spoke to the original’s star, Noomi Rapace, who told the outlet that Scott is continuing to hone ideas with an unnamed writer. As the screenplay goes through one state of development or another, the two met to discuss what was happening on this front — probably the only real “front” that exists for it right now — all in the simple hope of getting it together. Of course, there’s the all-important question of what a sequel would bring, something the actress doesn’t sound so keen to answer herself — save for the chance to “explore” philosophical ideas people took from the movie. (Or think they took from a script which left so many things open that people thought they could just sort of interpret as they’d like.)

Which, okay, sure. Just get Fassbender on the phone, and we’ll start to have a deal.

In less speculative news concerning a certain grumpy-looking Brit. As you’ve no doubt observed by now, the ratio of projects Ridley Scott will produce to worthwhile projects Ridley Scott will produce is what the scholars would call “out of whack,” circumstances which leave me all the happier to report on something with a chance. Back in July, one will recall, his Scott Free Productions teamed with Steve Zaillian in acquiring rights to The Day Britain Stopped, a disaster story previously told as a BBC movie in 2003.

At the time, their biggest issue was finding a screenwriter capable of translating this tale from TV to screen in a sufficient manner. Two big things have happened in the time since: first, and more concretely, Kieran Fitzgerald is coming aboard to pen it. Second — bigger, but more speculation-based — Scott is now considering it as yet another directing job, despite having original plans to “sit this one out.” With other things on his plate, though, the fast-working helmer will need to decide for himself pretty soon.

You can watch the original program below:

Do you want a second Prometheus? How do you feel about Ridley possibly directing The Day Britain Stopped?

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