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Potential Details Leak on First Stand-Alone ‘Star Wars’ Film

Written by on February 5, 2013 

Think back to that magical day when, for 90 minutes, we all thought Zack Snyder was going to direct a Seven Samurai remake set inside the Star Wars universe. In just that short gap, we had a time of hope, hatred, joy, fear — all of which was crushed with a firm denial from all associated parties. As crazy as the rumor may have sounded (whether you could give a damn or not), it wasn’t so hard to believe when prior news showed Lucasfilm’s intention to follow the Marvel model, regularly interspersing their big adventures with smaller side tales that, if need be, could get a little more esoteric and weird.

Now, another morsel of information has dropped at AICN. By their account, the objective of these entries is to “focus on established characters,” which, in turn, means they’re going to start off with one of the franchise’s most beloved: Yoda. If what we’re hearing is a legitimate bit (and I’m not fully counting on it), the Star Wars faithful are sure to ask a couple — who are we kidding, somewhere around 30 — of initial questions, the most relevant pertaining to this story’s placement on the series’ timeline. Will they set it between the two trilogies? Before either? Even have him come back from the dead for new installments? There are so many options that even this lapsed fan can acknowledge some value in the prospect.

With drops of franchise appreciation still left in my body, I only have to ask this: bring back Frank Oz and his puppet. If not for me, for every other Star Wars geek out there who really cares.

Could a Yoda movie be the right first step for non-trilogy Star Wars films to take?

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