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Posters for ‘The Expendables 2’ (‘EX 2’?), ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,’ and ‘Project X’

Written by on November 19, 2011 

Everyone knows that the primary appeal of the Expendables series is the grouping of aging, out-of-their-depth action stars as they sit around for 100 minutes and talk about all the badass, offscreen things they’ve done. The latest poster for The Expendables 2 — or EX 2, as they call it here — which comes to us courtesy of JoBlo, is basically the still version of that. Oh, this collection of testosterone-fueled killers — Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, I think Nan Yu, and Mr. Chuck Norris — is like some dream come true for lovers of ’80s entries into the genre, but this is probably going to be terrible. Sorry, Simon West.

You can see the poster below, and the film when it hits on August 17th, 2012:

JoBlo also has a pair of posters/pieces of artwork for Neveldine and Taylor‘s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the sequel to one of the worst superhero films ever made. Yet some are actually excited for this, single-handedly due to the writing and directing work of the Crank team; that’s not enough for myself, so this is out of my sight. And, being artwork and not traditional promotional material, there’s no Nicolas Cage or Idris Elba to find here — but I sort of like this better.

See one below, and the rest at the link. Spirit of Vengeance opens on February 17th, 2012:

Finally, WB’s Twitter account provides a new poster for Project X, the Todd Phillips-produced found footage comedy that was directed by Nima Nourizadeh. She wasn’t behind The Hangover, however, so she gets relegated elsewhere. The trailer makes this thing look like a total nightmare, despite the involvement of the talented Michael Bacall in story and scripting departments. The poster, meanwhile, gives the impression of a knock-off of the movie mentioned at the top.

Take a look below, and you can see the film when it hits on March 2nd, 2012:

Are you looking forward to any of these movies? What do you think of the posters?

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