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Posters for Xavier Dolan’s ‘Laurence Anyways,’ ‘The Iceman,’ ‘On the Road,’ and Joseph Kahn’s ‘Detention’

Written by on March 26, 2012 

The news has been ramping up for Xavier Dolan‘s next film, Laurence Anyways; two weeks after our first look, the first poster has landed at NicoFilmosphere (via ThePlaylist). The Canadian helmer’s third feature follows “Laurence (Melvil Poupaud), who reveals on his 30th birthday his secret desire of becoming a woman,” though the poster evokes the design of a heartstring-tugger like Never Let Me Go or Norwegian Wood. Not that it doesn’t look, you know, awfully pretty.

The poster can be seen below, and a Cannes premiere is expected for this May:

In spite of legitimately fascinating subject matter and a pretty strong cast, Michael Shannon is basically the one reason I want to see The Iceman. I suspect those behind the picture are fully aware of this — if the poster from IMPAwards is any indication — as our first real glance at the picture puts today’s great cinematic force front and center. (This time, with slicked-back hair and a small beard.) Keep selling me on this much, and The Iceman has my $11.

Take a gander below:

Afterward, On the Road‘s Facebook account (via ThePlaylist) has provided us with a new poster, which gives actor Tom Sturridge (Pirate Radio) and his rendition of Allen Ginsberg stand-in Carlo Marx all the limelight. Although it has a nice sense of framing and lighting, there isn’t a whole lot else to say, other than “Man, that guy looks like Nicolas Winding Refn.”

See it below:

And, finally, BloodyDigusting has given us a new poster for Joseph Kahn‘s long-awaited Torque follow-up, Detention. Screened at last year’s SXSW to a mixed response, Detention is the filmmaker’s attempt at creating something entirely of the here and now –technology, clothing, lingo, music, and so on. But this poster’s kind of terrible, if only because it makes the film look like yet another teenage high school romp.

You can check out the poster below, and see the film when it has a limited opening on April 13th:

Are you fond of these posters? Which of these three are you looking forward to the most?

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