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Posters for ‘Jeff Who Lives at Home,’ ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin,’ ‘Flowers of War,’ ‘God Bless America,’ and ‘An Oversimplification’

Written by on January 19, 2012 

We’ve got a fair amount of posters for you this sunny Thursday, so let’s get right down to it. First up is Jeff, Who Lives at Home, the Jay and Mark Duplass film that’s led by Jason Segel, Ed Helms, and Susan Sarandon. Possibly one of the more mainstream features of their entire career, the comedy centers on Jeff (Segel), who, while looking for woodglue, ends up in “a series of comedic and unexpected events [which lead] him to cross paths with his family in the strangest of locations and circumstances.” Some early word on it has been ecstatic, and though we weren’t crazy about Jeff when it hit Toronto, other reviews can get a Duplass detractor like myself interested in its March 16th release.

You can see the poster below, which has premiered at /Film; the trailer will hit tomorrow:

The second poster, a one-sheet for We Need to Talk About Kevin, has come under some fire for misleading members of the general public into thinking Lynne Ramsay‘s newest feature is your typical “bad seed” film. So, yeah, the kid isn’t a literal “demon,” but I do appreciate the tongue-in-cheek approach to what’s supposed to be a dark, unsettling time at the cinema. To me, that’s the real misdirection, but if it gets people to see a reportedly great film, so be it. (And a huge hats-off to Oscilloscope for not including the “folded poster” gimmick that’s become so tired over this past year.)

Check it out below, and see the film in theaters now (via AICN):

Because this movie hasn’t received enough already, here’s another poster for Zhang Yimou‘s The Flowers of War. The film will finally get a (limited) United States release tomorrow, but one final push has come from IMDb (via FirstShowing) in the form of what’s, strangely enough, Flowers‘ first official U.S. poster. It might be a touch familiar to be the American marketing choice, but it’s got a nice aesthetic design to it nonetheless.

See it below:

Then there’s a new piece for Bobcat Goldthwait‘s latest film, God Bless America, which stars Joel Murray and Tara Lynn Barr as two citizens who, one day, decide that the reality TV culture could be cured with some violence. Anyone who’s seen Goldthwait‘s directorial work has some idea of the anger and humor being mixed here, and I’ve heard that it pays off rather well once more. This newest poster doesn’t really sell that, though — it almost makes America look like an action film. But, as with the Kevin poster, whatever strategy is necessary to get crowds…

The movie will premiere through VOD on April 6th, then open in limited release on May 11th. You can take a look below, thanks to CinemaBlend:

Our final poster comes from FilmSchoolRejects, who managed to snag something from one of Sundance’s more promising titles: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, the new film from visual artist Terence Nance. Starring the writer and director, Beauty follows a “quixotic young man” as he “humorously courses live action and various animated landscapes [in an attempt] to understand himself after a mystery girl stands him up.” I don’t think I really want to know more, actually, so I’ll just throw in the opinion that this piece is utterly unusual; there’s almost no way that won’t be emblematic of the entire film.

Gander below:

Are these posters interesting to you? Which film are you anticipating the most?

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