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Possible ‘Django Unchained’ Runtime Revealed as Quentin Tarantino Hosts First Screening

Written by on November 6, 2012 

In its original form, the complete script for Django Unchained runs a total of 168 pages — which, if you know anything about scripts, indicates the potential total runtime to a pretty close degree. The fact that Quentin Tarantino has added, subtracted, and refined his work in the longer-than-you-think period since notwithstanding, that much always led me to think this movie would be a long affair. A long, violent, wonderful affair.

We don’t have an exact number, I’m afraid, but we’ve got a ballpark. (How many said a certain line from Pulp Fiction just now?) Twitter user / lucky bastard Nicholas Anthony was able to attend the first-ever screening of Django Unchained — more regarding the screening in one second — and, in reply to his tweet about seeing it (complete with photo proof), he said this much when asked about a runtime:

It’s not like me to analyze a tweet, folks, but terms such as “the cut I saw” will always lead me to think this isn’t entirely there — i.e., something could be excised down the short line. And, yet, Tarantino hasn’t struck me as the sort who’s keen on screening a “non-definitive” version of his own work — save for the early Cannes version of Inglourious Basterds, something nevertheless displayed under special circumstances — so would he play something with a bit of flab on it? Hard to say, but, as a devotee — who, frankly, also knows more than most when it comes to this guy — I’ll lean toward “no.” Around three hours, then.

I don’t want to hear any complaints about 180 new minutes from the master, either. Judging by its trailers, I’m pretty sure I’ll be willing to watch around ten hours of Django Unchained if Tarantino let me.

To get you even more thrilled, here are five character posters that convert last month’s release to domestic shores:

Django Unchained will open on December 25th.

How do you feel about this lengthy runtime for Quentin’s latest picture?

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