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Plot of ‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel Possibly Revealed

Written by on June 5, 2012 

If any of us hold interest in X-Men: First Class 2, it’s probably because we, rather simply, thought the original was good summer entertainment — and it’s something we’re, therefore, expecting a second time out. Which doesn’t mean some haven’t been diligently speculating as to where the sequel could take these mutants, other than a Cuban beach that only looks to be about thirty feet long.

AICN may have cracked the film’s outline, all of which stems from a report that Fox have registered the title Days of Future Past with the MPAA. And if you, like myself, can’t figure out what the significance of that might entail, they’ve managed to break it down in layman’s terms. Basically, this two-issue arc took place in a future where mutants have become the occupants of government-run internment camps; to stop this, Kitty Pryde (played by Ellen Page in the original series) “transfers her mind to the Kitty Pryde of now in order to prevent that from ever happening.” (A comparison to Back to the Future Part II even came up.) The X-Men must prevent all occurrences that kickstarted this future in the first place, but various obstacles undoubtedly get in their way.

The existence of an alternate timeline creates some speculation as to how they’d tie together First Class and the original X-Men trilogy — there are all kinds of discontinuities that I didn’t notice until somebody actually pointed them out — including some way of getting X-Men 4 into motion. Being relatively unaware of how that would work, I’m afraid my expertise on the subject can’t go all that far. Everyone, just let the cast do their thing.

We’ll know more when the film hits on July 18th, 2014.

As a comic fan, are you excited to see them potentially take this direction with a First Class sequel? As someone who only saw the movie, does this mean anything to you?

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