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‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ Alumni Jacki Weaver and John Jarratt Align With Kaufman and Tarantino

Written by on May 3, 2012 

Here’s where every other member of Picnic at Hanging Rock calls their agents in a furor.

The Age and, funny enough, The Age (via ThePlaylist) have learned that Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom) and John Jarratt — both of whom took part in Peter Weir‘s seminal, Australian western from 1975 — have been placed in new films from Charlie Kaufman and Quentin Tarantino, respectively.

Weaver‘s job is, more than likely, Frank or Francis, the writer-director’s comedy about internet blogging and the Hollywood industry that, up to (and possibly including) now, has had some trouble finding the proper means for production. (Our last “real” news on the film was a little late-January casting, involving Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens.) I don’t know if Kaufman‘s found the right people with the right money, or if enough actors are simply attracted to a project that’s not even a sure thing. But, as per usual here, it’s something I can get behind.

Frank or Francis also stars Steve Carell, Jack Black, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener, and Kevin Kline.

Then there’s Jarratt — these days, best known for his villainous turn in the controversial horror film Wolf Creek — who will be doing some onscreen work in Django Unchained. The specific role is not entirely clear, though we take a safe guess and presume he’ll play one of the Australian hunters. Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a role in that group for the taking, but work on his directorial debut vacated the part; with Anthony LaPagila being another member of this team, it’s suspected his prior role — the older member, Jano — has been given to Jarratt. With this, he could just appear as Roy.

Here’s a little factoid: The casting could be seen as a partial compensation on Tarantino‘s part, since Jarratt was, a few years back, promised (and, subsequently, denied) work in Death Proof. If so, what great compensation this should prove to be.

Also starring Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Kerry Washington, and Sacha Baron Cohen, Django Unchained will open on December 25th.

Are you glad to see Weaver and Jarratt get a couple of high-profile jobs?

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