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Paul W.S. Anderson Lines Up ‘Pompeii’; Kit Harington Expected to Star

Written by on November 13, 2012 

Having made some more coin with the latest Resident Evil installment, purveyor of the extreme Paul W.S. Anderson is stepping outside the video game realm (for the time being) and jumping back in time. This new project, like 2010’s The Three Musketeers, is exploring some well-worn territory with a basis in some historical fact — to a very certain extent — but will also get volcanic.

Variety tell of the endeavor, Pompeii, written by Lee and Janet Scott Batchler (Batman Forever) — script work was later conducted by Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, Downton Abbey) — and now expected to star Game of ThronesKit Harington. The actor would play Milo, a slave hoping to attain freedom and the hand of his boss’s daughter in marriage; this is complicated when she’s sold to a Roman senator and he’s shipped off to Naples, but that’s still only part of it. Pompeii’s Mt. Vesuvius is set off, an event which should wipe out the whole town, but still leaves the woman and his best friend alive. Their description gives the impression that some action takes place inside Pompeii’s coliseum, a place I’ll forever know as the venue in which Pink Floyd performed “Echoes.”

So, the role is not much new ground for Harington, though doing an Anderson film — i.e., something sure to earn good money — could help any possible ambitions for a film career. (There’s even the chance to compensate for Silent Hill: Revelation.) Only going off what’s been said, the director isn’t jumping into uncharted waters on Pompeii, either, though he has enough ardent defenders for that to more or less be “okay.” I bet that label ends up applying to this as a whole.

There’s no word on when Pompeii may begin shooting, but Anderson will produce through his Impact Pictures and in conjunction with Constantin Film.

Is a bit more W.S. something you’d be up for? How about with Harington in the lead?

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