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Paul Reubens Says Judd Apatow’s Pee-wee Herman Movie Ready For Green Light

Written by on June 25, 2011 

We heard close to a year ago that Judd Apatow would be bringing Paul Reubens‘ famed Pee-wee Herman character back to the screen in a feature film, which the former would be producing. The latter, meanwhile, would be starring in it (obviously), as well as handling writing duties with Inglourious Basterds actor Paul Rust. A lot of people became excited at this announcement; Herman is a popular character, even to this day, and him being brought back to the screen with the help of one of the biggest names in comedy has a lot of potential.

The problem is, we’ve heard almost nothing about it since that initial news broke. We’ve just gotten a new update, though, and it comes from Reubens himself, who offers encouraging words when it comes to the project’s future.

Speaking to THR, the actor and comedian said that the script that he and Rust had been working on is now complete, with it having been turned in last week. He praised Apatow‘s involvement in the project, with him apparently “constantly having us talk about and address the emotional core of Pee-wee Herman,” which “adds a dimension” he claims he’s never had before. He finished by personally telling Judd that he thinks “it’s ready to green light.”

While I wouldn’t normally have any interest in seeing a Pee-wee Herman movie, the involvement of Apatow makes me at least a little intrigued. I don’t know if the humor and style of the show is something that could be translated to a feature film — that is to say, I don’t know if a studio would make a grating, unfunny release with an irritating lead. At least on purpose, they actually do that all the time. Something that can be taken from this that would serve as a quelling of that fear is his mention of Judd‘s desire to make him a more emotional character, which may end up giving the movie something to chew on. If they can nail that down, I might have some interest in a Pee-wee movie, something I never thought I would say.

Do you have any interest in a new movie about Pee-wee Herman? Does Reubens make it sound like this will have some dramatic weight?

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