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Paul McGuigan Takes Max Landis-Scripted ‘Frankenstein’ from Shawn Levy’s Clutches

Written by on September 5, 2012 

Shawn Levy can’t make everything that comes into his line of sight, and, for reasons we’ll get to in a second, Frankenstein happened to get an axe of sorts. The revisionist take on Mary Shelley‘s seminal horror tale — with the actual revisions coming from scribe Max Landis (Chronicle) — won’t die on the doctor’s table, however, since director Paul McGuigan (Push, Lucky Number Slevin) is now taking control for 20th Century Fox. [Variety]

When the Real Steel director roped in this project last year, we were told Landis‘ script — as was also said upon an offer being extended to Ron Howard — would tell this familiar tale from the perspective of Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor. It’s safe to think that hasn’t been altered in the time since, particularly if they want to keep this tale fresh, while “themes of friendship and redemption” have also been included for good measure.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Levy turned down a Frankenstein offer on account of budget. Although his record could probably justify a big one, the cost he apparently requested was still too much for Fox to get comfortable with. Now they’ve found someone (in this case, McGuigan) who doesn’t command a very high fee or, on top of that, probably isn’t one to ask for a big price tag on the overall production — the best solution.

Not having read the script precludes me from speculating just what kind of price Frankenstein might really need to command, thus making any further calls all the more useless. (Though the mention of a low budget on Chronicle does put this into a bit more perspective.) I am, however, curious about what Landis might bring to such a well-worn story, and if the script is good, much of the rest should fall right into place.

Could McGuigan make a huge difference when helming Frankenstein instead of Levy?

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