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Paramount Moves Forward With Time Travel Tale ‘Field Trip’; Disney Buys Action Pitch

Written by on June 18, 2012 

I can’t help but have the tiniest twinge of interest in anything pertaining to time travel — it can even generate attention toward a movie with the deathly acting combination of Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza — so please excuse whatever misguided enthusiasm might be generated right… now. Variety reports that Paramount, Montecito Pictures, and Walden Media are enlisting on-set PAs Theodore Bressman and David Branson Smith to write Field Trip, an adventure film based on an idea from Jordan Cahan.

Field Trip — which has been something of a “passion project” for Montecito’s own Ivan Reitman these past few years — revolves around a teacher who takes students on a [insert title here] that uses time travel in lieu of public transportation systems. Now, again, my love of this sci-fi conceit is not always to be trusted — I’ve been burned on this one a couple of times, believe you me — but isn’t there some opportunity for a fun movie? Although Reitman, much as I respect him, hasn’t always been the best judge of genre work (Ghostbusters II, Evolution, My Super Ex-Girlfriend), the supposedly long-standing commitment to making Field Trip work should count for one thing or another. Our big question mark, at the end of the day, should be whether or not two newcomers can write a good script.

Similar ground is covered by Deadline, from whom we learn that Scott Rosenberg has sold an untitled, under-wraps action pitch to Disney; John Jacobs (Ted) will produce the eventual movie. Since we don’t have anything on the actual project, it may as well be said that the scribe has a developing Russell Brand comedy (The Hauntrepreneur) to his name, did some work on Michael Bay‘s Pain and Gain, and — he’ll forever be associated with this, whether the guy likes it or not — wrote “the Animal Crackers scene” in Armageddon. You can only peak once.

Is the concept behind Field Trip enough to sustain an entire film? Any early curiosity about Rosenberg’s effort?

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