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Paramount Buys Novel ‘The Diviners’ With Franchise In Mind

Written by on June 12, 2012 

Next up in the seemingly-never-ending (yet soon-to-end) line of young adult acquisitions is The Diviners, an upcoming novel that Paramount and Fake Empire will put some bets on. The four-book series is written by Libba Bray, who’s already on track to both scribe and executive produce a first film that, should all parties get their way, will start a franchise. [Deadline]

It’s common knowledge that most young adult books, whether good or bad, have a plot slightly derivative of some pre-existing story — in this case, my ears get rings of old-time Chronicle. The Diviners, set in 1920s New York, follows Evie O’Neill, a recent transplant whose “mysterious powers” put her at odds with occult members inflicting terror and murder across the city. With the help and assistance of some like-minded citizens, plans formulate to stop the group from wreaking more havoc.

The set-up for that is actually kind of interesting — my tastes just sort of perfectly align when cult members act out in ’20s New York — though I do fear that a prospective franchise, the young adult label, and major studio involvement all mean it’ll be the watered-down version of what could, otherwise, be a unique story.

I’ll wait until the novel’s September release before making any kind of hard judgement on the project as a whole — but, right now, something more concrete needs to come my way for excitement to generate.

Do you think The Diviners has any cinematic potential?

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