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Oscar Isaac and Max Minghella Celebrate ‘Memorial Day’ with ‘Wish You Were Here’ Director Kieran Darcy-Smith

Written by on December 17, 2012 

October had brought news that Kiernan Darcy-Smith, coming off the debut film Wish You Were Here, was hoping to follow with a gritty, Texas-set drama entitled By Way of Helena, but those plans may have to be held off at the moment. After all, Deadline now report that the helmer’s secured both Oscar Isaac and Max Minghella for a different crime drama — and one which also yields a Hispanic center. Not a total deviation, you see.

Their project is Memorial Day, an ’80s-set story — “saga,” even — about a Hispanic family trying “to redress the fallout from a family tragedy.” That, I hate to say, is the long and short of our description, though even that little opens one or two interesting possibilities. Chief among them: how do Isaac and Minghella fit in? It’s reported that Darcy-Smith, as of now, needs to find a third lead in order to secure financing for Aquarius Films and producer Ted Hope — which will allow shooting to begin at some point in 2013, thus making it a probable candidate for his next feature — and that must mean… something or another.

Here’s one thing: a three-person, Hispanic-oriented crime drama set in the ’80s is, if nothing else, different from an Australian mystery-thriller. It’s because of this that Memorial Day is already an interesting little prospect, and considering the lukewarm reception thrown toward his last film, could be a good do-over of sorts. Isaac and Minghella definitely make it as enticing as such a prospect could ever really prove.

Do you have any first impressions of Memorial Day, based on what Darcy-Smith has revealed?

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