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‘Oogieloves’ Star Cary Elwes, Teri Polo, and Agnes Bruckner Strike Up ‘A Bit of Bad Luck’

Written by on September 21, 2012 

Good news: Cary Elwes already participated in the worst film of his entire career, so, from this point forward, everything he makes should have even some value. (The math on that one makes sense when you think about it.) With that, let’s be optimistic about A Bit of Bad Luck.

News has arrived on the film, itself a drama that will star Teri Polo (Fock You) as “Amanda, a socialite who puts together a plan to make her husband (Elwes) suffer after she finds out he is planning a weekend getaway with his lover.” (To think, the actor already endured so much trouble in Saw. For one thing, he had to be in Saw.) Also in the mix is Agnes Bruckner (Blood and Chocolate), who will be playing a mistress to the male lead, named Brooks.

John W. Fuhrman will make his writing and directing debut on Bad Luck; shooting started this weekend, though its relatively low profile almost ensures we aren’t getting much until a trailer or festival-related announcement ekes out. Nevertheless, a decent little cast and intriguing little premise should bring forth something of value. Right? Like I said, keep up the hope.

Is A Bit of Bad Luck presenting itself well?

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