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Official U.S. Theatrical Poster For ‘Drive,’ Which Bryan Cranston Turned Down ‘X-Men: First Class’ For

Written by on August 12, 2011 

There have been so many posters for Drive showing up this month that it’s starting to feel like an overload, but we’ve somehow just received the official theatrical one. It shows its star, Ryan Gosling, sitting in a car with a concerned look on his face. Nothing too amazing, but I think it’s kind of cool that a poster being displayed in multiplexes across the country will say “A Nicolas Winding Refn Film” above the title; that at least counts for something. If you want a better look at the movie, just be sure to watch the trailer that’s already been released.

Look at it below, thanks to IMPAwards:

One of the stars of Drive, Bryan Cranston, recently told an interesting story to CinemaBlend about how he not only joined the film, but also how he had to turn down a blockbuster for this somewhat smaller project. Cranston says that he originally read for the part of villain Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class, a role was eventually offered to — and played by — Kevin Bacon. He was given the opportunity to play “a different role in it,” but after reading Drive, he said, “Oh, this is what I’d rather do,” because he “liked the character better, much better.”

Even though I enjoyed X-Men: First Class well enough, it’s nice that Cranston decided to go for something much less commercial but simultaneously more interesting. When you see talented actors sign on for movies that are clearly beneath them, it’s always disheartening; Cranston has a ton of big films coming up next year, but he still has room to do something that will let him flex his acting muscles a little further. He has a big career in TV right now, but I hope to see him show up in more films in the future. If he’s actually good at making choices — as evidenced here — he could have a nice second career ahead of him.

Drive opens on September 16th.

Does this poster make you any more excited? How do you feel about Cranston turning down X-Men for Drive?

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