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Nicolas Winding Refn Will Next ‘Walk with the Dead’ on Horror Film

Written by on March 30, 2012 

Despite only being reported on once — and nearly seven months ago, no less — Nicolas Winding Refn‘s I Walk with the Dead has reentered our field of vision in a big way. While telling ThePlaylist about his currently-shooting Ryan Gosling reunion, Only God Forgives, my favorite Danish filmmaker (sorry, Lars) announced his intent to film Dead next, presumably with Carey Mulligan still in tow. Logan’s Run fans just sighed in frustration.

Up to this point, all we’ve known about Dead is some basic description — “a movie about women” set in Miami — and the promise of a film that’s “just going to have a lot of sex in it.” (Sounds like a fun creative extension for a guy who, up to now, has made masculinity the primary recurring idea in his work.) But it’s now been said that Los Angeles or Tokyo will be his setting and, what’s more, Winding Refn let slip that he’s intending to make a horror film. In what regard?

Well, that’s just going to have to wait. I can’t imagine we’ll hear a lot more until Only God Forgives wraps — which should be around August, given some prior comments — so, until then, build your anticipation. I’m already working on it.

Has your curiosity over I Walk with the Dead been raised, knowing it’s a horror film?

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