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Nicolas Winding Refn Eyes DreamWorks’ ‘Button Man’

Written by on May 31, 2012 

It’s only been a day since we sighted some photos from his Ryan Gosling reteam, Only God Forgives, but Nicolas Winding Refn‘s next project may already be coming together. According to Deadline, the Dane has entered talks with DreamWorks about taking the reigns on Button Man, an adaptation of John Wagner and Arthur Ranson‘s graphic novel; Roger Kass, Josh Braun, and Michael De Luca are producing.

The set-up — which doesn’t sound entirely unlike a recent box office smash — sees us follow Harry Exton, a hitman who takes up the offer for “a game organized by bored millionaires that sets trained killers against one another in a fight to the death.” Participating in these events upsets Exton’s moral fiber — and he kills people! — though it’s soon evident that offing those behind the show may be his only way of surviving.

Now, no matter what you think of his films, Winding Refn‘s proved to be one of the more assured, steady formalists working today, and that, right off the bat, should count as a qualification. It’s this, however, that leaves me to wonder if Button Man is material that’s worthy of his own talents and, more importantly, time; if he’s really considering it, then my attention is there by default. Ryan Gosling is probably waiting for his call.

(I would, particularly now, like to know what’s happening with Logan’s Run — or the Carey Mulligan-led I Walk with the Dead — but nothing’s been said in that regard. Let’s hope they haven’t been thrown to the wayside.)

Would you like to see what Winding Refn could bring to Button Man, or is this not worth his own time?

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