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Nick Nolte and Glenn Close Are ‘Always on My Mind’; Annette Bening Wanted for Music Film ‘Mrs. Miller’

Written by on December 10, 2012 

To have written Rock of Ages (both iterations) and get off with another project means one of two things: you’re either very talent, and it just wasn’t on display, or you’ve got great connections. Either way, Chris D’Arienzo is guaranteed a wider audience with his follow-up to 2010’s Barry Munday, as Variety tell us the writer-director has snagged Nick Nolte and Glenn Close for his rock drama, Always on My Mind.

Occupant Entertainment will produce the film, in which an older woman is forced to contend with the struggles raised by her rocker husband’s Alzheimer’s affliction. Judging by that much, audiences are probably in for something a bit heavier than celebrity renditions of bad ’80s songs in brightly-lit rooms — unless this is taking a very unexpected direction. But that’s probably not the case, and, with Nolte and Close going head-to-head, this is just about certain to be better than what D’Arienzo is currently best known for. Shooting will start in early 2013.

(If you weren’t aware, Nick Nolte has already done a drama about disintegration mixed with some rock ‘n roll: Clean, a strong drama that Maggie Cheung led for Olivier Assayas several years ago. While the connection between that and Mind is, to be fair, a bit shaky, any chance to plug that film should be taken. Go rent it, is what I’m saying.)

Similar news — i.e., it involves an older actor and music — comes from TheWrap, who report that Annette Bening is being lined up to star in Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller?, a very different kind of music-based biopic. Matthew Fantaci has penned the film, which follows an oft-forgotten ’60s music star, Mrs. Miller (born Elva Miller), who covered popular hits of the day in an unprofessional fashion. (Here are two selections, if you’d like some idea as to how that turned out.) A funny story, but is the makings of a good motion picture? The prospective star is always a good sign, and I’m sure, dramatically-speaking, there’s some kind of more potent drama to be found underneath — getting laughed at for a living can’t be healthy — so I’m fine with these prospects. We’ll just have to see.

Bening, though not attached, is who’s wanted nonetheless, and her signing will lead Scott Sanders Productions to seek a director. After that, expect other investors to come aboard.

Does either project sound like a worthy endeavor?

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