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New Posters for ‘We Bought A Zoo,’ ‘Into the Abyss,’ and ‘Corman’s World’

Written by on November 8, 2011 

We Bought A Zoo‘s trailer served as a huge turn-off for me, with its emotionally-tinged use of children and Sigur Rós making it feel like a by-committee preview more than few others I’ve seen this year. Worst of all, this is the first feature in six years from Cameron Crowe, someone who’s proven himself as being above the kind of material indicated in the preview.

The film won’t be hitting theaters until Christmas Day, but we’re receiving a small form of reassurance in the meantime. Crowe tweeted a link to his website, TheUncool, where a new poster for the film is being hosted. This isn’t Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson‘s floating heads over a zoo entrance, either — it’s truly unique and looks like an actual work of art, more than anything else. In short: don’t expect this in a theater.

See it below:

Update: Another much less appealing poster has arrived from IMPAwards:

Next up, Movieline has debuted the poster for Werner Herzog‘s documentary Into the Abyss, which has been earning plenty of acclaim in its festival run over the past few months. The previous poster was perfectly fine (actually pretty good by documentary standards), but this new one seems to really get at the film’s emotional core. Herzog might have earned a reputation for some funny antics throughout his career, but it’s being made clear early on that this is very serious material.

Take a look below:

Debuting at IMPAwards is the poster for another documentary, Corman’s World, from director Alex Stapleton. This centers on a more lightweight subject than Abyss: the work of producer Roger Corman. He’s probably best known for working on films that would generally be labeled as junk, but his influence on Hollywood is impossible to ignore — he helped push along the careers of names that include Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Nicholson, and Robert De Niro. Our (positive) review indicates that it covers this ground, but still manages to put the man’s own story front and center. This poster feels perfectly appropriate for him and his output; I’d say that, with a title change, it could even stand in for one of the many movies credited to his name.

You can have a gander below:

Do you have a favorite among these posters? Are you particularity excited for any of the films?

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