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New Posters for ‘John Carter,’ ‘The Woman in Black,’ ‘Detachment,’ and ‘Chronicle’

Written by on January 11, 2012 

With a budget ballooning past $300 million, widely ineffective marketing clouding people’s minds, and a release date looming less than two months from now, Disney needs to start getting this John Carter act together. Although some will (correctly) presume that a Spanish poster isn’t some tide-turner, selling to an international market is a step in the right direction.

Isn’t it?

With such bland design and an overcrowding of unappealing creatures, I actually don’t know. See, Carter‘s a film that I find myself pulling for over and over again — primarily because of Andrew Stanton — but it often feels as though I’m being pushed back by this kind of material. It’s not going to diminish my relative hopes for the actual film — only keep them in check.

See it below, thanks to AndromedaHigh (via CinemaBlend):

After that comes two posters for Daniel Radcliffe‘s inaugural post-wand role, The Woman in Black. The more traditional of these appeared at HeroComplex; the quad comes to us courtesy of Empire. I’m glad they’re different, too. The former of these is more atmospheric and mysterious — much like this moving poster from October — while the latter is very much trying to sell its star and gothic overtones. Both work on their own terms, though I’m definitely hoping the film’s tone ends up being closer to the traditional one-sheet than anything else.

See them below, and check out the film on February 3rd:

The third film is easily the least publicized of this bunch: Tony Kaye‘s Detachment. Some positive word from Tribeca and a decent trailer leave me in a relative state of curiosity over what the American History X director does with his next narrative. A piece like this won’t ever really do that, but the design here is nonetheless spectacular — and that tagline is pretty nice, as well.

Detachment will open on March 16th in limited release. The poster is below (via Movieline):

Our final item is for the superhero feature Chronicle — coming from OhMyGore — which stars Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell, and Dane DeHaan. This is the one I’m most unsure about; on one hand, it could be a fun break from the glut of comic book movies and sequels, while there’s also the distinct possibility it could be low-budget junk. To my surprise, an international poster doesn’t sway me in any direction.

Chronicle opens on February 3rd, and you can see this poster below:

Do you have a favorite among these posters? Which film are you looking forward to the most?

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