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New Poster For Bryan Singer’s ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Is Set In Stone

Written by on December 12, 2012 

After unleashing the first trailer back in December of last year, Jack the Giant Slayer has gone through a bevy of changes from release date to the actual changing of its name (it used to be called Jack the Giant Killer until someone apparently decided that the same parents who take their kids to PG-13 rated movies wouldn’t do the same for a movie with “Killer” in the title). With a release date now firmly set for next March, it’s time for Warner Bros.’ marketing department to kick things into gear. Following a new trailer, the first official poster for Bryan Singer‘s Jack the Giant Slayer has been released and you can view it below courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

So there you have it. Not much to comment on really, other than the fact that the cast isn’t named on the poster and its director is still stuck being associated with a movie he made 12 years ago (and is now making a sequel/spin-off/whatever of). The giant stone face is an eye-catching visual, one that is sure to have moviegoing audiences glaring at their local multiplex, but does it remind anyone else of a certain famous 90’s Nickelodeon game show?

If this movie is in any way related to Legends of the Hidden Temple, it has my money and the money of those I rob in order to give the movie more money.

Jack the Giant Slayer, which stars Nicholas Hoult as the title character as well as Ian MacShane, Ewan McGregor, and Stanley Tucci, hits theaters everywhere March 1st, 2013.

Does the poster want to make you see Jack the Giant Slayer?

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