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New ‘Master’ Clip Displays Main Character’s Prurient Line of Thinking

Written by on September 7, 2012 

The Master opens in one week. That’s a six-word sentence I can use, in variations — e.g., “in two days” — as a means of getting up to Friday with the proper zeal for my opening night, 70mm showing at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13’s massive screen. Apologies if I inspired any jealousy.

On Monday, Paul Thomas Anderson will be screening his film at Austin’s Alamo Ritz — which means one thing for everybody. As with screenings in Chicago and San Francisco, the filmmaker has made an announcement by releasing a new clip, which we have for you right here.

With it coming out so soon and this being an entirely new scene, there might be an understandable feeling of trepidation in clicking the play button. Having watched it myself, however, I can confirm that it’s neither spoiler-filled nor, I’d presume, something you’ll regret watching once the footage is over; we’re looking at terrific stuff.

The piece shows a dirtier side of The Master‘s protagonist, Freddie (Joaquin Phoenix), who takes a series of ink blots for one thing (or [ahem] two), but we also get a scene that’s beautifully directed, edited, and scored, with Jonny Greenwood‘s collaboration in the lattermost arena carrying a certain nebulous wavering which, for me, brings to mind the color transitions of Punch-Drunk Love. Oh, I’m already making auteurist connections! This is going to be so much fun.

Buy your tickets now, and watch the clip below (via BadassDigest):

Update: Another clip has popped up announcing a secret screening in New York City at the Ziegfeld theater, likely the final one before its limited release. Check it out below and get your tickets here.

The Master will open on September 14th. Read our review before then.

Are you taken with this clip? Any plans to see it in Austin on Monday?

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