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New Line Goes On a ‘Rampage’ With Screenwriter Ryan Engle

Written by on April 2, 2012 

Just when you think Hollywood had exhausted every possible idea from ‘80s pop culture, here comes New Line with Rampage. Last November, we reported that the studio started development on a feature film adaptation of the popular arcade game, and now the project has found its screenwriter.

Former executive Ryan Engle will pen what’s being described as an “Independence Day-style picture”, bringing a fairly minimalist concept to the big screen. The again, if they can make the snooze-inducing board game Battleship into an epic actioner, I’m sure they’ll be able to build a plot around giant animals punching skyscrapers. And though he’s a relative newcomer, Engle should be up to the task – his script for the thriller On a Clear Day, which landed on the Black List, is now being developed for Intrepid Pictures with Jaume Collet-Sera (Unknown) signed on to direct. [THR]

Rampage has an undeniable charm, and hopefully New Line and Engle can inject some of the humor that made the game a classic. I expect plenty of destruction, but it will be interesting to see how seriously they take the concept of a 50-foot werewolf unleashed on New York City.

Now that it has a screenwriter, are you looking forward to Rampage? Are you curious to see how they adapt the game?

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