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New Images of Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst in ‘Upside Down’

Written by on December 9, 2011 

The upcoming sci-fi romance Upside Down has a lot going for it. A far-out extradimensional love story, for example, gives any movie a critical advantage. Having stars as good-looking as Kirsten Dunst and One Day‘s Jim Sturgess doesn’t hurt, either. Now, thanks to Sturgess’s own website, we have a full dozen new images from the film.

According to Sturgess’s website, Upside Down “tells the story of two star crossed lovers Adam (Sturgess) and Eve (Dunst) separated by opposite worlds, one up and one down, but both just out of reach of the other.” In other words, Adam and Eve live in separate universes with different gravities.

Sturgess fans will squee over these new shots, any of which I could imagine pinned up on my 15-year-old sister’s wall. Head over to his official website for separate images, though I’ll warn you now they don’t get any higher res and they’re all watermarked.

Yup. There’s Dunst in another Spiderman-esque upside down kiss.

From Northeast director Juan Solanas, Upside Down does not yet have a release date or a trailer.We don’t really have anything but these images and the vague synopsis above, actually. As recently as October Dunst said the film was “kind of like an accessible Brazil.” In the same interview, she said its special effects make it look more like a painting than real, and that it’s for kids and adults. There’s a lot of potential backing an excellent premise here. Hopefully it doesn’t get spoiled before it hits theaters.

What are your expectations for Upside Down?

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