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New Hulk Film A Vague Possibility for 2015

Written by on April 30, 2012 

Update: Mark Ruffalo told Collider that he’s not only signed a six-film deal with Marvel, but would also like to continue relations with the company — thus rendering my speculation null and void. Read the original story below:

Whether you derive great enjoyment from or simply shrug at their general output, there’s no denying that Marvel’s all about the bottom-line. And though I’m no box office forecaster, I’ve found it odd how, when asked about the possibility of a Hulk movie starring Mark Ruffalo, head honcho Kevin Feige has categorically stated it’s probably not happening. The Incredible Hulk didn’t make a huge impact on the box office back in 2008, but everyone’s responding to Joss Whedon‘s interpretation of this character so positively; with that, you figure they’d make just the slightest consideration about giving him more time.

Well, the tune might be changing as we get closer to The Avengers’ opening. A recent interview with Forbes (via ThePlaylist) saw Marvel’s President of Consumer Products for North America (talk about a specific title), Paul Gitter, reveal that a forthcoming, Guillermo del Toroproduced TV series could be “supported by a big budget franchise movie in 2015.” (They also want to make him an icon along the lines of Snoopy and MetLife, but that’s a different subject.)

Now, there’s zero chance Ruffalo ends up leading the actual TV series, so do you cast yet another actor in this role? Eric Bana and Edward Norton are already out of luck in that department, and it’d be a (silly) shame for the third iteration to get this same treatment. I have some trouble imagining the studio throwing an acclaimed actor (who’s apparently done a great job with the character, to boot) off to the side, but if money somehow comes into the discussion…

Whether or not we see more of him in three years, you can get plenty of Hulk when The Avengers opens on May 4th.

Would you want a new Hulk movie? How about with Ruffalo?

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