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New Details On Alfonso Cuarón’s 3D ‘Gravity’

Written by on April 2, 2010 

The last thing we heard about Alfonso Cuaron‘s Gravity was that Angelina Jolie was set to play the lead. And then wasn’t. It was thought that without an actor or actress with big pull the movie would not be made. Then Robert Downey Jr. joined. Now The Playlist has more details on the project.

Even more revealing is the subheading on the title page of the script: Space Suspence in 3D. This is only expected in a sci-fi thriller with the advent of the “Avatar Effect”. What’s different about this is 1) it will be shot with 3D in mind and not in post so it wont look bad (see Clash of the Titans) and more importantly 2) the director has an incredible atmospheric sense (see Children of Men). Cuaron seems to be one of the few directors that would use 3D to advance narrative instead of having it a cheap gimmick.

Case in point, satellite showers in space. One of the major narrative points is the fact that Russian’s have shot down space satellites and every 40 minutes the crew must avoid them as they (being a lot, not just 2 or 3) plummet toward them and earth. This in 3D would look amazing if executed with meaning, which is full in Cuaron’s power.

Head over to The Playlist for a complete script preview.

What do you think about the new details on Gravity?

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