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Michael Fassbender and James Badge Dale In New Clip From Steve McQueen’s Festival Hit ‘Shame’

Written by on September 20, 2011 

The only aspect of Shame I’m anticipating more than Michael Fassbender‘s performance is the technical work from director Steve McQueen. While this is reportedly a more traditional project than his debut, Hunger, everything that I’ve heard still indicates that it’s a unique piece of filmmaking. What he’s done has been a curiosity of mine ever since shooting began, and now it’s almost here.

We might get some idea from a new clip uncovered by ThePlaylist (the first showed up about two weeks ago), although I know that I won’t. See, despite my very significant anticipation for Shame, there’s a fear on my part that watching clips beforehand might dilute the overall impact that I expect this film to have. Looking at some footage from an upcoming superhero movie is no big deal — you already know what’s going to happen, anyway — but this is an entirely different beast. Part of me didn’t even want to know that this has both James Badge Dale and Blondie beforehand; that’s how sensitively I’m treating this thing. And I doubt that this footage will have any Fassbender penis, so why would I even bother?

Watch the clip below:

Fox Searchlight will distribute Shame at the end of this year.

Are you also not watching clips before it comes out? If you are, what did you think of this one?

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