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New ‘Carrie’ Could Make Sarah Palin Second-Most Terrifying Character of Julianne Moore’s Career

Written by on April 16, 2012 

Any and all casting hoopla regarding Carrie has, rightfully and, as expected, centered on one Chloe Moretz. (She’s taking one of horror’s most iconic role, you know.) When the young actresses’ name was first thrown into the madness, however, we ever-so-briefly heard that Julianne Moore and Jodie Foster were being pursued for the other lead role, that of Carrie’s psychotic, Evangelical mother. When Moretz got cast two days later, though? We kind of put it to the side.

Ignore we no longer shall, as BloodyDisgusting reports that Moore‘s now entered formal talks with Columbia Pictures over the show-stopping role. It’s up in the air right now, but some kind of contract would need to be signed before very long — what with a March 15th, 2013 release date getting closer every day, to paraphrase Buddy Holly. (We’ll know how this ends in the near future, is what I’m saying.)

Now, when it comes to the casting itself: The role of Carrie’s mother is a pretty tough act to follow — Piper Laurie‘s original, Oscar-nominated performance is an incredible force of sadistic nature — but if Moore could embody a hugely prolific figure, like Sarah Palin, and make you forget a performance is even happening onscreen, some (other) nut job is doable. Right? I’d like to think so.

Is Moore a good choice for this role? How does this project look with each new development?

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