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MPAA Slaps ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ With R Rating

Written by on January 12, 2013 

Although it got an unrated version at home, fans weren’t happy when Live Free or Die Hard got a tame PG-13 rating from the MPAA. While I doubt such a rating could fix the many problems that Len Wiseman film had, seeing John McClane somewhat reserved (at least verbally), was certainly disappointing compared to the rest of the films in the series.

Now, although we remain hesitant, the next iteration in the action series, John Moore‘s A Good Day to Die Hard, at least has one thing going for it. According to Collider, the MPAA is expected to give the film an R rating, something that 20th Century Fox will supposedly not fight. So, instead of bleeps and edits covering up the blood, Bruce Willis will be able to spit his famous catchprase while violently mowing down bad guys.

The MPAA is a whole other discussion (in fact, see This Film Is Not Yet Rated for an entire documentary about their failings), but it’s hard to put much stock in their system. Just a few weeks ago I was shocked at the PG-13 rating they handed Jack Reacher, which has an opening that finds A Good Day to Die Hard star Jai Courtney picking off innocent people with his sniper, as we’re given a locked off POV through his rifle scope. It was one of the most effective, horrific “action” sequences all year, yet it was given the safe PG-13 rating. But, enough with this rant, as those reading will likely only care that they can see the R-rated A Good Day to Die Hard on February 14th and we’re sincerely hoping the film will live up to it.

Update: Check out a new TV spot below confirming the R rating.

Are you happy about the rating? What are your thoughts on the MPAA?

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