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More Poster Talk: ‘One Day’ And ‘Arthur’ Do Just Enough

Written by on February 15, 2011 

Just a day after three vastly different movie posters got their online release, illustrating the dos and do nots of the business, two more have appeared, both stubbornly standard. For the most part at least. One has a trailer that appears disconcertingly sober but reassuringly funny. The other has only Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as its leads and the best-selling David Nicholls book of the same name (Nicholls also wrote the script) as its source material.

The first is Arthur [Cinema Blend]:

The second One Day, directed by An Education‘s Lone Scherfig [Yahoo!]:

With the Arthur poster, it’s curious to note the complete absence of Greta Gerwig, who plays the central love interest (at least Liza Minnelli did in the original Dudley Moore film), and the sexy power play for Jennifer Garner, who owns a third of the space. And while it makes sense that Garner’s a bigger star than Gerwig, she’s not much of a star in her own right, never having opened a movie herself, outside of the modest hit 13 Going On 30 (see Catch and Release and Elektra).

As for the One Day one-sheet, the blue tint and surprisingly seductive still work much better than most of its kind. This This Time Next Year/When Harry Met Sally… hybrid could do No String Attached numbers thanks to the sexy found in the traditional.

What do you think of these posters? More incentive to see these movies? Less?

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