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More of the Same In Super Bowl Spots for ‘World War Z’ and ‘Snitch’

Written by on January 31, 2013 

I (honestly) don’t hope for the film to turn out a failure, but I do like to imagine Paramount executives putting their heads in their hands, making a cast-off motion, and saying “okay, yeah” whenever asked to approve marketing for World War Z. Yet, while followers of the production are aware that some (ahem) trouble hung over the entire thing, the millions upon millions who only hear of it when watching a football game this Sunday — also, wouldn’t you know it, who this is meant for — won’t have any foreknowledge of all that.

What you have to ask is if this, by itself, can create some stir. The 30-second spot is (I counted) mostly footage that appeared in the trailer, which is not so bad if, again, you remember that this is going out to a lot of first-time customers — not so great, though, when what exists is all sort of flat. It looks like something something I’d relatively enjoy on HBO in a year’s time, barring the rest going horribly wrong, but little more than that. I like to think the American people require something of greater value to justify buying a ticket.

World War Z will be released on June 21st. Watch below:

Then, for whatever reason, there’s a Super Bowl spot for Snitch, the Dwayne Johnson action-thriller that’s been slightly mild in its build-up. By their own free will, those at Summit decided to prepare an ad for the year’s most-watched television event, because people want to see what Ric Roman Waugh has planned next. Or something.

Snitch opens on February 22nd. The ad can be seen below:

Is it nice to see these ads before the Super Bowl airs? Which “team” are you hoping will “score the most points”?

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