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More Julian Assange Movies Forthcoming; ‘The Hurt Locker’ Scribe Mark Boal and Paul Greengrass Developing Projects

Written by on February 3, 2011 

And I thought two movies was a lot. Julian Assange, founder of the controversial organization WikiLeaks, leaves a lot of people fascinated. Naturally, this has led to the development of films centered on his life and his work, and Hollywood can’t seem to get enough of the guy. Deadline tells us that there are even more new movies focusing on the man, and I wouldn’t be shocked if we see even more coming down the pipeline.

For now, however, one of the upcoming films we can expect involves Academy Award winner Mark Boal, who won his naked golden man last year for scripting The Hurt Locker. Now, when we say he’s “involved,” that’s not exactly the clearest way of putting it. I at first presumed that he’d be scripting the film, and while that’s certainly still a possibility, although the article says it depends on his schedule. Based on the New York Time’s article The Boy Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, it’s said to allow the opportunity to tell the organization’s story without having to focus exclusively on the man behind it, and one apparently shouldn’t expect it to portray him in the most flattering manner.

Another movie that’s being considered is based off of Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s upcoming book Inside WikiLeaks, which Dreamworks is said to be taking a look at. Domscheit-Berg just so happens to be the former number 2 to Assange at the group, and the fact that their relationship is now seemingly over leads me to think that, like the project Boal is involved in, it won’t show him in the kindest light.

And lastly, there’s the possible movie/TV adaptation of his upcoming memoir, which Paul Greengrass is now said to be circling. Not much word has been revealed on it at this point, although I definitely hope it turns out better than Greengrass’ last film, also one that was politically-centered, the atrocious Green Zone. His involvement doesn’t seem to be going past the rumor stage quite yet, so for now it’s only an option that’s out there. Despite my hatred of his last movie, the guy can still direct action and handle suspense like few others out there, and if this could serve as redemption of sorts for him, then I’ll be on board.

What do you think of all these projects, and do you think Assange is a worthy film subject?

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