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More Details Arise on ‘The Strangers’ Director Bryan Bertino’s Next Film, ‘Mockingbird’

Written by on January 28, 2012 

You may or may not remember a little item from November, wherein we told you that The Strangers director Bryan Bertino had written a new project with Universal in tow. All we knew at that time was that a) the film would be a found footage film, not unlike Paranormal Activity, and b) it was once called Mockingbird.

Now, STYD reports that Bertino will both write and direct the project, which has been officially titled — how about that? — Mockingbird. Universal is still on board with it, and they’ll be getting underway with production at the end of February; casting is still being conducted at the time, though that should come forward soon (what with the near-future start date and all). Plot-wise, we’ve also learned some new things — namely, that the story “concerns a couple who receive a video camera with a document of strict instructions,” ones that, if they don’t obey, will lead to someone’s death. From this point, Mockingbird focuses on “their hellish ordeal as they do what they are told.” More The Box than Paranormal Activity, then.

Even if my reference/joke were to be taken as notwithstanding, the basic outline, while derivative, sounds like it has some fun horror ingredients. (Scared couple, evil technology, unseen terror, etc.) So long as he were to take The Strangers‘ successful blending of grounded horror and classic scares, apply it here, and, well, release it, Mockingbird might actually be worth its weight in salt.

What do you think of Bertino’s newest film, based on these latest details?

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