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‘Monsters’ Sequel Subtitled ‘The Dark Continent’; ‘Misfits’ Director Takes Reigns

Written by on June 18, 2012 

Any mixed feelings surrounding this project would never mean anything. Sure, most people enjoyed Gareth Edwards‘ debut, Monsters — it even got him a slightly bigger creature feature — and would like things to remain “at that,” but director-approved plans for a sequel have been in motion for almost 18 months; last we heard, two directors had even been signed.

Now? It’s still moving along, but the creative assembly has shifted around.

Instead of newcomers Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas, Tom Green (different one) will make his feature debut on Monsters: The Dark Continent, which we’ve heard would follow “a teacher who lives in a walled city heading into the infected zone to find his brother, who used to be a part of the military before going crazy.” (I’ve already jumped to a not-so-unfair conclusion that Africa plays some role. Many others probably have, too.) Jay Basu, another relative unknown, will be writing the screenplay.

Seeing as BBC’s Misfits is the biggest, most prolific work Green‘s done yet, you’ll probably be foreign to his output if British TV isn’t your thing. (Or if you, like I, never got around to Misfits in the first place.) All the good things I’ve heard about that show, though — along with some kind words for his student film, Brixton 65 — make it easier to give Continent a fair shot before more comes forth. Edwards‘ own encouragement doesn’t hurt, either.

Are you happy that Monsters: The Dark Continent is still gestating? What do you make of this pick?

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