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‘Moneyball’ Author Michael Lewis Writing ‘Liar’s Poker,’ With ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.’ Directors Attached

Written by on September 26, 2011 

Moneyball coming in second place to the 3D re-release of one of the most famous cartoons in the world is a good sign for everyone involved; even author Michael Lewis isn’t getting left behind. According to THR, not only is another book of his, Liar’s Poker, getting the film treatment, but the author will pen the adaptation — and he has Crazy, Stupid, Love. directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra attached to helm.

It’s almost undeniable that Moneyball‘s recent success has allowed for this to happen. Not only did the 1989 book first go into development at Warner Bros. in the early ’90s — before hitting various roadblocks — but Lewis even claimed that it was “completely dead” in 2009. Now, he’s “spend[ing] the next two months” on the screenplay.

(You could argue that The Blind Side — which Lewis also wrote the source material for — was a factor, but there probably would’ve been some kind of announcement after that got a Best Picture nomination and all that fun stuff.)

The book follows the author’s actual experience at Salomon Brothers on Wall Street from 1984-1987. Portions of the story include “his bizarre hiring through the training program to his years as a successful bond trader”; the biggest Moneyball vibe comes from the mention of “how economic decisions made at the national level changed securities markets and made bonds the most lucrative game on the Street.” In the sense that it gives a behind-the-scenes look at a major group, you see.

Reading these descriptions has me hoping — above all else — that they retain the period setting. Those who don’t see the appeal of New York City in the ’80s should just look at American Psycho — how that left room for great parody, and simply what an interesting time that was for Wall Street players. Don’t count on people getting chopped with an axe, but plenty of similar material could work its way in. And, having the Crazy, Stupid, Love. team working with his screenplay could be a great combination. I’ll throw my chips in for Liar’s Poker. (Yeah, that was bad.)

Were you a fan of Moneyball, and if so, do you have any interest in seeing more from Lewis? Would this serve as a good follow-up of sorts?

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