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‘Mission: Impossible V’ Still In Planning Stages; Tom Cruise Expects “A Bunch” More

Written by on October 27, 2012 

The uncontested success of Ghotocol — financial and creative, amazingly — gave that flagging series the sort of lifeblood it may have never had. In a franchise that people tend to enjoy but, in all truth, sort of dispense with after seeing once, that, last December, was truly the time people saw these films could work like dynamite. And on the fourth outing? It’s madness.

A fifth installment has been scoped out for ten months now — just, without much else. Opening up a bit more with Total Film, however, Tom Cruise said that he’d at least “make a bunch of those,” with “a bunch” roughly translating to “as many as people want to see… because they’re very challenging, and so much fun to make.” Given the typically glacial rate at which the Mission: Impossible series is produced — five years on average for each — part of me thinks “a bunch” might be overshooting your own ambition by a little bit. But if it’s (always) on the same level of pure entertainment as their last outing, there’s no complaining about more.

It’s almost no more notable than what’s been reported this whole time, though he and the team — whoever that may be; Brad Bird‘s probably not amongst them — are “working on different images [and t]alking conceptually.” Like any good spy series, locations are important to how these play out, and it’s a big world full of interesting locations to climb and / or demolish. So, look out for wherever Cruise heads whilst promotion Jack Reacher; the actor uses that as an opportunity to traverse cities, “coming up with different sequences” when the opportunity affords it.

Let’s hope Paramount don’t just send him to Akron and Sacramento at the end of this year.

Are you up for more than one subsequent Mission: Impossible? What should Ethan Hunt risk his life in and around next time?

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