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Mireille Enos and Scott Speedman Board ‘Queen of the Night’ with Ryan Reynolds; Bobby Moynihan a ‘Delivery Man’ for Vince Vaughn

Written by on December 14, 2012 

With Devil’s Knot done with production, Canadian golden boy Atom Egoyan is already compiling the roster for his next film. As was reported back in August, Ryan Reynolds will star for the helmer in a psychological thriller, Queen of the Night, in which he’ll take what feels like the sort of adult(-ish) role of his career. Months later, there’s a decent two-person roster coming to join him on the trip.

Deadline tell us of the move, with Mireille Enos (the aforementioned Devil’s Knot, The Killing) and Scott Speedman (the director’s Adoration, The Vow) coming aboard to support Reynolds. As the film — plotted by Egoyan, written by he and David Fraser — centers on a man obsessed with his eight-years-missing daughter whose life is thrown asunder upon finding clues to her still being alive, it helps to know the former will play his wife. (Curious is the note that her character gets sent “disturbing memorabilia” which both evoke memories of the girl and may hint as to her whereabouts.) The latter, meanwhile, will play a cop whose daughter has also gone missing; being an over-investigative sort, I’m instantly assuming that he did the kidnapping.

Queen of the Night will begin shooting sometime over the next couple of months. In Canada, of course.

News regarding lighter fare has come in from THR, who inform us SNL star Bobby Moynihan is sticking with comedy, this time on a big screen, by coming aboard The Delivery Man. Once known as Starbuck — fitting, as it’s the remake of a film also titled Starbuck — the picture stars Vince Vaughn as a ne’er do well who must, in fact, do well when it turns out his days as a sperm donor led to the birth of over 500 children. Some would like to meet him, which is exactly where the comedy begins.

Moynihan will appear as the protagonist’s brother, and that’s a pairing which, with a halfway decent script, should yield one or two laughs. Since Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt are also on board, I’m optimistic about getting some amusement.

The Delivery Man will open on October 4th, 2013.

How does either film improve or, hopefully not, hurt itself with these adds?

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