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Mike Birbiglia Following ‘Sleepwalk’ with ‘My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’

Written by on February 18, 2013 

Despite unclear circumstances regarding its directorial attribution, I’d quickly count Mike Birbiglia‘s brisk, kind-hearted Sleepwalk with Me as one of 2012’s finest debuts. Being handled with the sort of control not necessarily befitting a comedian-turned-filmmaker — leading me to wonder, again, just how much Seth Barrish‘s co-helmer credit made an impact — while also delivering a screenplay both achingly funny and with this certain sad-go-lucky spirit, it left yours truly hoping we didn’t only get a simple one-off.

It, therefore, goes without saying that I’m pleased with news from THR, who spoke to Birbiglia and, in that time, learned of plans (currently tentative) to get started on a follow-up of sorts. Continuing a trend started in Sleepwalk, wherein the comedian takes a stand-up bit and expands it to a feature — with the requisite plotting, characters, etc. it would suggest — he’s begun scripting a picture based on the routine entitled “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.” This won’t be the final title, but the piece has, far more importantly, acted as the central source of inspiration; in its original form, the story told of Birbiglia‘s experience as a high school student, and how his first girlfriend was dating someone else during their own relationship. Awkwardness and laughs resulted.

We can expect him back behind and in front of the camera — all of which, I presume, ought to be easier now that he’s out of the gate with it — and, at once, hoping to keep some of the personal value that made Sleepwalk with Me a valued experience. Before that he’ll be shooting a concert version of the stand-up set, which will come out this fall; with luck, Birbiglia won’t have said it all right there.

You can listen to his original story below:

A smidge of insight can be gleaned from this interview clip, wherein he talks about using that story for comedic purposes:

Did you enjoy Sleepwalk with Me? In your own estimation, is there any reason to hope for a new Mike Birbiglia movie?

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