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Michelle Williams Rumored to Star In Liv Ullmann’s ‘Miss Julie’

Written by on June 18, 2012 

While Liv Ullmann will forever be remembered as one of Ingmar Bergman‘s favorite actors — the kind of classification I definitely wouldn’t mind — she claimed her own little directing career years and years ago. Don’t remember? Fair enough; it’s been about twelve years since her last film, Faithless, a well-received drama written by the aforementioned, since-deceased Swedish master.

Now, she’s making a return. ThePlaylist noticed the mention of such an occurrence in The Boston Globe, wherein it was said that Ullmann will direct a movie next year; she, six months ago, told the Norwegian site NewsInEnglish that her future would hold Miss Julie, a take on August Strindberg‘s period play that would “use Irish actors as servants and British as the masters of the house.” To connect the dots even further, VG claimed — around the same time! — that Michelle Williams would be starring, while Vogue also hinted at her involvement last year.

If she’s actually starring — and you should have a strong inkling this is going to happen –the actress would play the titular Miss Julie, a member of high society who finds herself in a romantic entanglement with one of her servants; it’s a small-scale story filled with big-scale emotional stakes, and the kind of role any great actress should be able to sink their white teeth into. (We should all be kind enough to forgive the fact that Williams isn’t actually British, by the way.) Having Ullmann‘s respected, interesting, and long-gone voice doing the picture is icing on the 19th-century cake.

So long as it comes together as indicated, how does Miss Julie look?

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