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Michelle Williams Lines Up ‘Double Hour’ Remake From Joshua Marston

Written by on December 12, 2012 

Remember kids, never trust the maid; The Wrap reports that Michelle Williams is in talks to star in The Double Hour, an American remake of the 2009 Italian film La Doppia Ora (released as, shocker, The Double Hour here in the States). The original Italian film, directed by Giuseppe Capotondi, centers around a chambermaid and an ex-cop who hit it off at a speed dating event and go off on a romantic getaway. Unfortunately the getaway takes a dark turn when a mysterious gang ambushes them; a gang that may or may not have ties to the chambermaid in question.

Williams, naturally, would play the maid in question should The Wrap’s source be reliable and Fox Searchlight ends up closely sticking to the original’s plot. Directorial duties on The Double Hour are being handled by Joshua Marston, who also wrote the script (and is the man behind 2004’s Maria Full of Grace and this year’s The Forgiveness of Blood).

As for the original La Doppia Ora, one can read our glowing review here, though Williams tends to pick interesting roles for herself, so if she signs on that’s all I need in regards of a stamp of approval. Judging by the trailer for the 2009 original this doesn’t strike me as a paycheck role like, say, playing the Good Witch in a movie about Oz the Great and Powerful would. But that’s just the cynicism talking.

Have you seen La Doppia Ora? Will it survive the translation to American audiences?

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