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Michel Gondry Begins Filming On ‘The We and the I’ As Story Details Emerge

Written by on September 3, 2011 

Enough information has been going around about Michel Gondry‘s Froth of a Daydream where we seem to have forgotten that he has another currently developing. That happens to be The We and the I, which he described as following “35 kids going to school on a bus” and “how the group affects the individual.” Much of his inspiration came from talking to kids in the South Bronx, which I felt would lend it a sense of authenticity. Other information has been relatively slim for about nine months, but new, plot-centric details have been uncovered.

ThePlaylist has not only learned that shooting is underway in the Bronx, but also that the story is centered on “a group of school kids who travel into the future by mistake and discover a machine that keeps people younger.” Sound interesting? What’s even more peculiar is a mention of that description being true “for now.” What “for now” might mean is something I can’t quite determine, but it’s possible that the picture will change its own story as things progress.

That sounds cool to me, and I’m suddenly much more curious about how this production will turn out, since both the description and the vague detail provided make it sound like more classic Gondry material. As long as he has more creative control than The Green Hornet — and as long as this movie is, you know, better — I’ll be keeping an eye out for where this goes.

Are you a Gondry fan, and does We & The I sound like an interesting project for him?

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