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Michael Mann Eyes Return with Chris Hemsworth-Led Cyber Thriller

Written by on February 14, 2013 

Is this it? Is he really back?

Christ on His throne, do I hope so. Years after a misunderstood (though increasingly appreciated) gangster picture, the killing of an HBO series, and a series of false starts in-between, Variety report that Michael Mann is, after a year of inside development, formally attached to an untitled thriller he’s co-written with Morgan Davis Foehl. Untitled and with Chris Hemsworth in the central role, it’s said to be placed inside the “world of cyber threats and attacks”; speaking in terms of past output, that may give a cop-criminal feel to its central character dynamic. (If you ask Variety, though I immediately start to think of The Insider.) Legendary Pictures are producing.

Unlike Gold or Go Like Hell, a few things make his cyber thriller feel more tangible: a dearth of recent announcements point to a Mann with nothing else on his plate, while the halt of Robopocalypse — not to mention, sluggish movement on a Snow White sequel — leave Hemsworth with a lighter-than-once-anticipated schedule. So there is that.

Now, look, I’m as excited as anyone — the idea of him, for one thing, combining his beautiful digital cinematography with a world of digital communication is so auteurist-y on its own — though, as us fans have learned over a couple of years, we should exercise equal caution in such hope. Which doesn’t mean this isn’t, for now, the best movie news of 2013.

Have you been salivating for a new Michael Mann picture? Could this be it, and would you be okay with that?

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