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Michael Douglas to Play Reagan In Mike Newell’s ‘Reykjavik’

Written by on August 29, 2012 

Boy, Ridley Scott is cleaning house. One day after Daniel Espinosa took over the Soviet serial killer tale Child 44, THR have learned that Mike Newell (Great Expectations, Prince of Persia) will take the director’s chair on Reykjavik, which the other British helmer lined up in May of last year. A movement that would be enough for this once-dormant project, yet it’s also coupled with an announcement that Michael Douglas will step in the shoes of Ronald Reagan.

Kevin Hood (Becoming Jane) has since completed a script — you’d hope so, given all the time he’s been afforded — which shows the 1986 meeting between America’s 40th President and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, both of whom discussed, as these leaders are wont to do, methods of creating peace; moreover, some think Reagan’s stipulations went so far as to help end the Cold War a few years later. With this making for the picture’s crux, Reykjavik apparently fits Mandate’s intention to “create awareness of the issues that shape lives.” (You can’t add “win awards” to that agenda.)

While Newell is not a director I’ve always been crazy about — e.g., his Harry Potter is barely above the work of, eek, Christopher Columbus — this is clearly far more grounded and far less fantastical than the high-budget work he’s struggled with lately. Give Reykjavik that much. And then there’s Douglas, an actor I never would’ve really pictured as Reagan — maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t look 110 — though he’s a rather interesting selection. If because that provides the basis of an interpretation I, again, have trouble conjuring in my mind, this film has an extra dollop of interest to sit on.

Production on Reykjavik is expected to kick-off in March.

With Douglas as Reagan and Newell replacing Scott, how does Reykjavik appear to your eyes?

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