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Michael Biehn Leading Remake of South American Horror Film ‘Hidden in the Woods’

Written by on July 31, 2012 

Michael Biehn has made a name for himself as a character actor specializing in delightfully villainous roles; think of his turn as Johnny Ringo in Tombstone, for example. But the Terminator star is now trying his hand as a director/producer with Blanc Biehn, the company he co-founded with his wife, the appropriately-named Jennifer Blanc Biehn. So far, he’s directed and starred in the grindhouse thriller The Victim — which premiered last week at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival — and the duo just wrapped production on their next film, Treachery.  The projects don’t end there — according to a press release (via DailyDead), the team will soon take on the task of remaking a South American horror film.

Blanc Biehn Productions announced they will be making the English language remake of Patrick ValladaresEn Las Afueras de la Ciudad (Hidden in the Woods). As with The Victim, Biehn will star in the remake, which will be written by Valladares and Andrea Cavaletto, the creators of the original film. Shot in Chile, Hidden in the Woods — which is also slated to premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival on August 6th — follows two sisters who are forced to fend off a group of violent drug dealers. For more plot details, see the official synopsis below:

“This raw slice of demented energy inspired by true events is the terrifying story of two sisters raised in forest isolation and subjected to torments from their abusive drug dealer father. When they finally report him, he chainsaws the two investigating cops to death and is jailed before he can tell psychotic drug lord Costello the exact location of his remaining stash. So Costello sends violent henchmen to find the missing merchandise hidden somewhere in the woods. Reaching heights of deranged frenzy unlike anything seen before, director Patricio Valladares is yet another exciting talent to emerge from the current hotbed of South American horror.”

Biehn and his wife will also produce the remake, which begins production at the end of 2012 in Chile, with Valladares returning to helm.

Have read or heard anything about the Spanish version of Hidden in the Woods? Do you think it will appeal to American audiences?

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