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Melissa McCarthy May Take Part In ‘Hangover’ Shenanigans; ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Swings Another Two

Written by on September 19, 2012 

Update: Add another female to the group, as Variety report that Lela Loren (Snitch, Reign Over Me) has been added to The Hangover Part III in the role of a cop. You can read the original story below.

Remember, last year, when people became wont to call Bridesmaids “the female Hangover“? I’m not one for comparisons rooted in surface similarities between two anythings, really — they’re raunchy comedies about friends who travel somewhere before one gets married; past that… — but, no matter what, they’ll start cropping up a bit more now.

As it were, Variety reports that Bridesmaids‘ breakout star, Melissa McCarthy, is on the cusp of becoming a Hangover star. None of it’s official or necessarily concrete, for that matter, yet the outlet say her busy schedule does not stop such a deal from being, for whatever this little adjective may be worth, “likely.” I know you want to be informed as to the specifics on her role, but that’s a no-go.

The prospect is, nonetheless, rather interesting, given that Todd Phillips‘ buddy comedies have always been of the male variety and, in turn, had a very “male” sensibility to them. Although McCarthy‘s work in Bridesmaids was very much predicated upon her acting in a not-very-womanly manner, even the same type of character would throw off the balance of a series whose main fault, in my view, is trying to keep a certain status quo. Let it happen, I say.

The Hangover Part III will open on May 24th.

Changing gears are THR, who’ve learned that Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters) and Kathy Baker (Take Shelter, Big Miracle) will make some of the last additions to Saving Mr. Banks, the John Lee Hancock drama which has started shooting today.

Seeing as this is the story of how Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) worked for fourteen years to snatch up the rights to Mary Poppins from author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), these late-in-the-game players are taking parts which stand on either side of the conflict. Griffiths will be seen as the author’s aunt, herself a model for the Poppins character; Baker is locked to play an associate to Disney. No confirmation if the two parties will stage a brawl at the film’s climax.

Paul Giamatti, Jason Schwartzman, B.J. Novak, Bradley Whitford, Colin Farrell, Ruth Wilson, and Annie Buckley all co-star in Saving Mr. Banks, which should hit around fall 2013.

Is McCarthy a promising way to change the Hangover chemistry? Is Saving Mr. Banks going into things with a strong team at its side?

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