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McG to Produce, Possibly Direct ‘School of Fear’

Written by on November 19, 2012 

I think (hope) no one’s really keeping their eyes peeled for the next McG joint, though I, for the purposes of employment, have to think about this for a few minutes today. Although things are going right ahead with his Kevin Costner-starring, Luc Besson-penned thriller (once titled Three Days to Kill), the director is, somehow, getting more and more thrown his way and managing to clutter the old schedule. A lesson, film production majors: if you can put your name on something that earns a profit, you’ll keep getting jobs.

Variety now report that McG and his company, Wonderland Sound & Vision, have bought rights to the book series School of Fear, which the man at hand has a first look deal to helm. (So he’s not guaranteed, but the opportunity is present.) The source, penned by Gitty Daneshvari and being adapted by Daniel Mackey, takes place at a school (one of fear) occupied by four kids — Theo, Garrison, Madeleine, and Lulu — with crippling phobias; it’s at the school where this quartet try to overcome their own problems. A nice idea, though I don’t know how this is stretched out to three books (even if they’re meant for kids).

And while it might be the best pure concept McG has been able to work with over his entire career — low bar, I know — there isn’t exactly the flashy, action-oriented basis he’s tried to build a name on this whole millennium. A break is usually good for any director who’s been doing what’s essentially the same thing for some time, but I don’t know if we’re talking about a guy worth seeing branch out. An actual break would be pretty nice, however.

What do you make of the idea behind School of Fear, and of McG’s own involvement?

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